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Something doesn't work as expected but you don't know what
Diagnosing the exact problem is of great help when trying to fix
it. So the more information you can obtain from the software the
With a text editor, modify CUPS' cupsd.conf file, setting :

  LogLevel debug2
  MaxLogSize 0

Then restart CUPS.

Now modify PyKota's pykota.conf file, adding (or changing) the
following settings in the [global] section :

  debug : yes
  keepfiles : yes
  logger : stderr
  admin : Your Name
  adminmail : Your_Email_Address
  smtpserver : Your_SMTP_Server
  crashrecipient :

When you will launch any PyKota command, a high volume of
debugging informations will be send to stderr. When printing, the
debugging informations will automatically land into CUPS'
error_log file. In addition, the datas sent to printers will be
saved in the /var/spool/cups/tmp directory (or any other directory
of your choice, depending on the 'directory' directive in
pykota.conf) and so you'll be able to examine them later.

In addition, if the software crashes for some reason, we will
immediately know it and receive a complete process traceback by

Reading these debug informations will help you to find the

If this doesn't help you, just send them to us by email,
untruncated, as a gzipped attachment, and privately (NOT to the
mailing list please). Accompany these documents with the exact
version number of PyKota as reported by, for example, 'edpykota -v'
Modified: 05/21/2005 22:56:11